“The Great Divide” & “Still Out of Balance”, on the way…

Near the end of 2015, after InsideClimate News and/or the L.A. Times broke the story about former Exxon scientists who studied the human effect on climate for the oil giant, and after PBS’s Frontline posted a few interview clips with one of the journalists and two of the scientists, I began work on “Still Out of Balance”. It has been a long slog ever since, trying to keep moving forward. The rough cut is under 3 hours, but there is still a ways to go. I remind myself now and then that  Claude Lanzmann took twelve years to make “Shoah”. Not that there’s any comparing “Still Out of Balance” with one of the most heralded, monumental documentary achievements in the history of the genre.

While we’re polishing off the long form version, a new vlog is in the works to begin posting within a week or so. “The Great Divide” is written and narrated by Joe Public Films’ founder Tom Jackson, and the behind the scenes tech guru is Bill Rogers, who worked on “Out of Balance” years ago with Tom, Peter Vandermark, Mike Soha, and the rest. “The Great Divide” focuses on the many deep divisions within the USA today, which have been exacerbated by the current administration. The vlog posts will feature some clips from many of the interviews shot for “Still Out of Balance” — a bit of a sneak preview, in a new form.

Stay tuned.