Progressive Profiles.
Progressive Profiles are one hour interviews with some amazing activists. The focus thus far has been on peace activists whose primary concern is the genocidal sanctions and bombings of the citizens of Iraq over the past decade. The show has been filmed in a TV studio, a barn, a Quaker Meetinghouse... and the "feel" is best described as Spartan.

John Schuchardt: One of the original Plowshares 8, John has dedicated his life and practice of law to peace activism. His primary focus has been the fight to abolish nuclear weapons. In this interview, John discusses the legacy of nuclear proliferation from WWII to the present. When the interview was taped, he had just returned from a trip to the former Yugoslavia where he arrived, coincidentally, on the night that NATO bombing finally stopped. Do not miss the chance to hear one of the most articulate voices in peace activism today.

Dennis Haliday: After seeing the effects of U.S. imposed U.N. sanctions on Iraq for the last several years, Mr. Halliday resigned from his position as Deputy Secretary of the U.N. Hear him talk about his first hand eye witness of conditions in Iraq, and the devastation brought down on ordinary citizens in that country. Denis was co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000, along with Kathy Kelly.

Kathy Kelly: The founder of Voices In the Wilderness has traveled to Iraq many times, in open defiance of U.S. laws against such travel. We'll discuss conditions in Iraq and other issues in this forthcoming interview.

Lauren Cannon and Sean Donahue: Ms. Cannon discusses her experience visiting Iraq in May, 1998 with the Iraq Sanctions Challenge. Mr. Donahue is the head of New Hampshire Peace Action, and gives much of the historical background pertaining to current treatment of Iraq by the United States. This interview includes pictures taken in Iraq in 1998, some of which may be shocking to some individuals.

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